Broken Curses LP

by Pow Wows

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This Album is a must pick up. Fantastic kicking garage rock, love this band!!!
- Album of the week Feb 15 2015,

They’re garage punks from Toronto and they’re on the preeminent garage punk label Get Hip – any questions? Must be the Pow Wows, whose sophomore platter Broken Curses drops next week to officially open the 2015 garage punk season. Any questions?
Over at they’ve posted a stream of the entire album that we suspect you gonna dig. It’s billed as “10 songs chock full of addictive hooks, hot-wired fuzz guitars, and pounding rhythms that hearken back to the underworld of ’60s Garage and ’70s Punk while remaining undeniably fresh and modern. As Pow Wows rip through 50 years of Rock & Roll rant and rave they also paint a brooding and undoubtedly intense picture of the world today. These are tales of dystopia with a backbeat. Party Rock for end times…. Pow Wows do to the Garage tradition what The Cramps did to Rockabilly: Chew it up, make it their own, and spit it out.” Well, alright then!
- Blurt Magazine

On the Pow Wows’ fine 2011 debut, Nightmare Soda, this Toronto bunch kind of came off as a more clenched, rust belt Black Lips, but from the sounds of their sophomore LP, Broken Curses, out February 17 on Get Hip, the they’ve clenched further into a searing, more serious shot of ’60s garage roots rev-up. Their label says they’re “party rock for end times,” and that’s a susinct enough way to put it. Rhythms race, guitars crash, and while things keep moving forward, there’s a dark underpining of fear in the low-end riffs cut with stingy leads and mostly uneasy lyrics. The premiere here of Hidden Future is a fine example, with the lead vox and fuzz boxes getting more blown out as the song spirals away.
-Eric Davidson (New Bomb Turks),

We never ever tire of the cool rockin' sounds provided by all those ultra hip garage rock bands on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Get Hip label. This label has true vision and integrity and they always seem to hit the target with the bands they sign. Pow Wows Is yet another rip roarin' helluva band with a loud driving sound that is gripping and intense.
This is the second full-length release from this Toronto-based group. Recorded and mixed by Steve Major and mastered by Jim Diamond, Broken Curses Has a nice thick direct sound. These tracks sound very much like a live band playing. They capture all the power and intensity of a band that seems to thrive on playing in perpetual overdrive. This short album features ten cool tracks and they're all totally groovy. How could anyone not love far out rockers like "Fire Song," "Car Cemetery," "Going Dark," and "Hidden Future"...? The guitars on this album sound... FANTASTIC. Another direct hit from the fine folks at Get Hip... TOP PICK.
- Baby Sue Comics

Just when I thought these kids couldn’t get any swampier-sounding or rough around the edges, along comes a release such as “Broken Curses” to show that, yes, a band actually can devolve in its evolution and shower the listener with an engaging barrage of minimalist garage-rock overtones that artistically trumps its predecessor.
Album opener “Fire Song” is about as beautifully shambling as they come, with melody taking a backseat to raw emotions and frayed nerves. The record seems less reined in than previous album “Nightmare Soda,” from both a songwriting and production standpoint, which is great when you consider many bands get more refined (read: boring) as time goes on. Crucial cut: “I Can See But You Don’t Know.”
-Pittsburgh Magazine

Pow Wows keep their garage rock pure and classic: blown-out vocals, surf-tinged guitar with lots of bite and 'tude, 2.5-minute song lengths, singalong choruses. Their slightly delayed second album for Pittsburgh retro-garage indie Get Hip Recordings (home to Man or Astro-Man? and Thee Headcoatees) has a full but basic sound, strong writing and musicianship and lots of energy.
- NOW Magazine

...It was only this year that took shape for their second LP, entitled Broken Curses and features a cover by the famous Argentine illustrator Dr. Alderete.
Through 10 songs that show an incendiary sound with guitars full of fuzz, a disengaged voice and a permanent debt to the garage bands that founded the music like The Sonics, The Seeds and The Standells, Canadians forged an ideal album for all the worshipers of the messy but well executed music.
Whether in "I Can See But You Do not Know" (a successful cover to The Equals ), with a hypnotic sound and a letter that works like that just repeats the mantra fun title along the theme, accelerated "Rebel Stomp" with his pace that invites lawlessness or "Surfin Dirge" in combining the reverberant sound of the surf guitar music with the dirty garage style, Pow Wows represent a fresh sound option within the current range of musical possibilities.
- Musica Inclasificable, Mexico City

“Fire Song” starts off Broken Curses with a burning intensity. As the song progresses we are engulfed by fuzzy garage riffs, clanging guitar chords, steady, driving basslines and a shower of drums that attempt to cool the heat put forth in the opening moments of Broken Curses. “Rebel Stomp” first appeared on the limited edition live cassette Bent Out Of Shape in 2013, but comes in second on Broken Curses as we are taken through a series of guitar riffs that sound like the Yardbirds being assaulted by a gang of 60s garage nugget bands. As the chorus hits we hear lyrics that seem to rally a call for independent thought amongst the minutia of opinionated boring daily life. “Car Cemetery” attacks with a locomotive-like rhythm echoing elements of Davie Allan & The Arrows, The Cramps, The Gun Club and features a breakdown that fuzzes with the influence of the 13th Floor Elevators. To add to all this there are even motorcycle sounds added to the mix.
-Revolution Rock, CJAM (Windsor/Detroit)


released February 17, 2015

Produced by Pow Wows & Steve Major
Engineered and Mixed by Steve Major
Mastered by Jim Diamond

Released by Get Hip Recordings

Cover illustration by Jorge 'Doctor' Alderete
Band logo by Ben Lyon
Design by Juarez Laredo



all rights reserved


Pow Wows Toronto, Ontario

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